New Zealand Guttrball


What about it?


Combining an old school tradition with modern technology, Guttrball was born. It can be as simple as playing with a mate in the street, or one of the most challenging ball games you've faced yet. How you play and who you challenge is up to you!

Guttrball is a unique ball game inspired by the traditional Kiwi activity played in school yards for decades. The people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) originally designed a game whereby two planks of wood are joined together to create a fascia shaped board. Two or more players then bounce tennis balls (or similar) off the board, catching them and stepping further back each time without fumbling the ball. The player who is standing the furthest away from the board at the conclusion of the game is the winner. Learn the full rules here.

Rigorous research & development has transformed this beloved game into a well polished product, designed to take your abilities to the next-level. Wether you are at home, the park, the beach, or on the street, Guttrball is ready to entertain for a quick run, or hours of fun with family and friends.

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Guttrball the company

Founded in 2022, Gutterball LLC (Guttrball) is a sports tech company, which primarily focuses on performance research and implementation. The main outcome being the innovation of new approaches to sport performance, and helping both amateurs and professionals achieve self-actualisation. These objectives are clearly defined in the company's mission statement and vision below.

Mission statement.

"To help others become the best versions of themselves that they can be."

Corporate vision.

"To inspire a different approach to sports performance."

Mind over gutter

The entire ethos of Guttrball is founded upon the philosophy of "mind over gutter." What this means is that no matter what challenges we face in life, we can overcome them by building mental toughness and understanding that we can do hard things. This applies just as much to our daily lives as it does to the game of Guttrball. There will almost always be a level of competitiveness in everything that we do, even if that means besting ourselves and constantly looking to improve. At the end of the day each of us have the capacity to win.


Discover more about what "mind over gutter" means here.

Find out more about Guttrball the game by learning the rules or visiting the FAQ page.


Green Pattern

Our products, services, and business model are based on the ethos that we can improve. Discovering and developing new ideas is key. Tell me more.

Core Values
What we stand for & how we make decisions.


We want to create products and services of the highest quality. This ensures both safety and enjoyment for all of our customers, who deserve nothing less than the best!


We value our customers and their wellbeing. We only want the best for them, and to help take their game to the next level.


Transparency builds trust. We make it a priority to understand the needs of our customers and business partners.



The fuel behind what we do and why we do it. We share our passion with our customers every step of the way!