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Guttrball™ Classic Rules

The original and the best.

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Simply unwind and connect the end of each strap to one of the feet on the underside of the gutter chassis. If you play on a sidewalk or other location that has uniform distance markings, you can play without the marking straps.


Bonus rules

The Negative Bounce

If a player hits the gutter (including after first hitting the ground) and the ball deflects to the other side of the gutter, the opposing player can catch it. Not only is this a turnover like a regular "miss", but the throwing player also has to come forward one marker to start his or her next turn.

Instant Loss

It may seem impossible but we’ve seen it! If you commit a “Negative Bounce” from the first marker, you lose - immediately. Don’t be that guy. 

Redemption shots

If a player 'wins’ by completing a catch from the last marker, the opposing player always gets a chance to match by finishing all remaining levels. Hey, miracles happen. In the event of a miracle, the next player to make a catch from the last marker, with no subsequent match, gets bragging rights. 

How to play

Quick start guide.

Rule variations

Tell us how you like to play Guttrball™, who you like to play with, and where. If your game version gets enough attention from the Guttrball™ community, we'll add it to the official Guttrball rule book! Follow our socials to stay tuned.

Quick start guide

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